Groenlandica is the National Library of Greenland and is located in Nuussuaq, Nuuk.

Although located at the Ilimmarfik campus, Groenlandica is an organizational subdivision of the Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia. At Ilimmarfik, Groenlandicas' lending collections have been integrated with that of the University Library.

Groenlandica harvests, records, and stores all works published in Greenland.

Additionally, Groenlandica has been assigned the task of establishing a research library containing books, periodicals, and other publications about Arctic matters and subjects of relevance to the Greenlandic society.

Groenlandica performs a number of tasks:

  • As the National Library of Greenland we assist in securing the Greenlandic cultural heritage by harvesting, recording, and storing all Greenlandic literature and publications made public regardless of subject, language, form or quality. This task is supported by the legislation on legal deposit.
  • As a research library we work towards developing an extensive collection of foreign literature and information material about Inuit and the Arctic area. We co-operate with public libraries through the interurban system and catalogue Greenlandic publications in the joint library database.
  • As an institution responsible for cultural dissemination we aim to ensure public access to the collections as well as disseminating knowledge and experience about the part of the cultural heritage for which the library is responsible through exhibitions, events, lectures, cultural exchange, publications etc.


Public transport:
Use bus 2 (bus stop: Manutooq/Ilimmarfik)
or bus 3 (bus stop: Siaqqinneq/Ilimmarfik)


Information to the press

Rules for journalists who wish to record and interview employees or patrons for radio or TV at Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia, Groenlandica included:

  • The library management should be asked if you want to interview employees or patrons.
  • Parents must grant authorization if you want to interview children in the children's library.
  • Other users must not be disturbed during interviews.


Manutooq 1


Phone: +299 38 56 30

Opening hours

Week 14, 30.03 - 05.04
Week 14, 30.03 - 05.04
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