Fees and compensations


If you excide the time limit for your loans, you will have to pay af fine:





You have excided the limit with less than 14 days

10 kr.

20 kr.

1. recall 15-21 days

15 kr.

30 kr.

2. recall 22-29 days

20 kr.

40 kr.

3. recall over 30 days

50 kr.

50 kr..

The fees can not be refunded



The library must be compensated for damaged or lost materials.



Books for children or adults

300 kr.

Books borrowed from abroad

according to bill

Comic books,

150 kr.

Magazines. easy-readers and small childrens books

75 kr.

Magazines as bounded books

750 kr.

cd +cd-rom (appendix)

150 kr.


250 kr.

dvd-rom, cd-rom and Playstation

700 kr.

Movies (dvd/blueray/video)

600 kr.


It should be noted that by sending an invoice there will be added a fee of 100 kr. for administration.

The fee for an invoice will not be refunded even if you return the material.

When a bill is paid the material can be returned and the compensation can be refunded, if the material is in good condition.

Did you know that the compensation on dvd, cd-rom and games are expensive?

The price for electronic materials (dvd, cd-rom, audio-books and games) is significantly higher than ordinary sale prices, during to copyright.

When the library buys a dvd it is with lending rights. This means that the library is permitted to lend the dvd to many people. Because of this right a dvd cost us approximately 500 - 1500 kr.

If you buy a dvd in a videostore or on the internet normally you will have to pay 150 - 200 kr. but you are only allowed to show the movie to your household.

Here is an example:

The library owns the movie "Anne Fransk Diary" and have paid 995 kr. for the movie.

A library patron has fortunately damaged the dvd and gets a bill for 600 kr. as an average.

The patron says that she will compensate the dvd with a copy she has bought on the internet for 99 kr.

This is not possible because the copyright on the movie proclaims that the movie can only be shown to the household. The library is not allowed to lend out the movie unless the library has paid for a library users-right.