Library rules and regulations

You can use the library and borrow materials free of charge

You can borrow as many books as you like, but a maximum of 5 movies and games.

The library can charge you for prints, copy and for extraordinairy services, requested by the user.

How to register:

To register as a patron you will have to bring your certificate of recidence or other legitimation with your social security number, for example a drivers licence.

The librarycard is free of charge and personal. You are responsible for all loans on the card.

You can only have one valid card. If you loose the card, you will be charged 20 kr. for a new card. Let us know if you have changes in your e-mail, phonenumber or if you move to a new address.


For children and young adults under 18 years the parent/guardian must come to the library and fill out a form to get a children's library card. You can get this form at the reception at the library.

How to borrow:

To borrow materials you must use your library card and the 4-number code you have chosen.

Lending times, renewals and return of materials:

Books, magazines, audiobooks

31 days

Weekly magazines, christmas and easter books

14 days

Games and movies

7 days

You can renew a material once if the material is not reserved. The labrarian can further renew the material if it is not reserved.

You will have to return the material in the same condition as loaned.

Reservations of materials are free of charge.

Loans from abroad:

The library can order books from Denmark and from certain countries at a fee of 20,- kr. per title to be paid when you pick up the book at the library.